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stringrip asked:

Excerpt from the album Call Of The Valley featuring Brij Bhushan Kabra on lap style slide guitar . He plays a Gibson Super 400 guitar with an added drone string and according to Guitar Player Magazine interview its strung with unwound bronze strings , the 1st string being the main playing string , the 2nd tuned a fifth , the 3rd and 6th string are tuned the same as the 1 st string , the 7th string mounted on the side is tuned ocatve higher and the 4th and 5th strings tuned according to the mode or raga. The bridge and nut are raised . He plays with wire plectrums The other players on this recording were – Shivkumar Sharma -Santoor , Hariprasad Chaurasia – flute and Manikrao Popatkar – tabla.

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