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Jazz Guitar Lessons – Jazz Master – Robert Conti – Bossanova 18

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FULL COURSE: More free guitar lessons: TrueFire on Facebook: “Mix the enthusiasm of a city kid with equal parts of Wes Montgomery, Johnny Smith and Howard Roberts, season heavily with equal parts of Oscar Peterson and Charlie Parker. Stir vigorously for twenty years and youll cook up jazz guitar master Robert Conti!” so says jazz label PRD, Otto Altobelli and we couldnt agree more. Robert Conti is indeed one of the few bonafide jazz guitar masters walking the planet today and we’re proud as we can be to bring you TrueFire’s version of Conti’s extraordinary Jazz Master course. Fortunately for we mere mortal students of jazz guitar, Conti has an innovative approach for breaking down and presenting jazz instruction. He gets you up and running quickly no tedious theory, exercises or methodology to master before getting some solid lines and chord melodies under your belt. This volume, and the next two, focus on improvisational soloing – this first one features a beautifully executed solo over a bossanova jazz feel. Conti breaks it all down note-for-note and provides critical guidance along the way following his proven teaching system. Contis reputation for blazing speed and sophisticated lines is well substantiated in all of the courses solos but fear not, all of the material is demonstrated at slow tempos and the interactive tab player lets you slow the lines down without changing pitch. This volume takes you back to the day with a

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