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Krazy Tayl wants to be Guitar Master of the Universe

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KrayzyTayl asked:

Here is Krazy Tayl’s first Hypertap-tacular musical bid for the job title of: Guitar Master of the Universe. Krazy Tayl wears a camouflaged WAFFLE HOUSE hat, is genetically engineered by aliens, and plays the guitar like a riot. Krazy Tayl’s hero is Art Tatum. Krazy Tayl wants you to throw pies at him when he performs. Krazy Tayl wants to work hard for you. Also, he apologizes for how long it’s taken to get to now. Influences: Art Tatum, Michael Hedges, Buckethead, Dillinger Escape Plan (rip?), Yngwie . (“crazy tales await”…to be continued…new video every week)

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