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Discover How Music Works – With Your Guitar

Sometimes, what you don’t know that you don’t know is the very thing holding you back the most. 

In my experience, the single biggest issue facing most guitar players is a lack of understanding how music works, together with their guitar. Call it music theory, guitar theory, or whatever you want – names aren’t important… how to use it – that’s what counts. 

My most popular course by far is a very practical, functional look at guitar theory and how it will impact your day-to-day guitar playing. 

You’ll discover you don’t need advanced musical training to apply music theory to your everyday guitar playing – in fact, I like to say that if you can count to eight, and you know your alphabet, you’re fully qualified! 

If you’d like to experience a “light bulb” moment of your own, like so many of my students have, and truly discover how practical music theory can accelerate your journey on guitar, click the button below, and I’ll explain further. 

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