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Are guitar lessons worth it?

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Jeffrey asked:

I about to quit piano, which i have done for 6-7 years, because my teacher is boring, i hate practicing and i think i suck at it.
So, i decided to play guitar. I want to play an electric guitar, but i dont think my parents would want me to. So im probably playing the acoustic first. My friend said it’s fun and worth it. He goes at a music shop to learn to play, which i am too, and you go to the lessons once a week. I want to have fun learning, playing and not moan everytime i have to practice every night. I also want to be an expert and play songs that i want to play on my freetime. Also… how long does it take to be really good? I want to play like this guy: One more question: If you start out with acoustic, can you do electric guitar later… like it’s the same thing? Or do you start over?

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