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Do you want guitar lessons from this girl? Check her out?

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Ringo Fan (Over 40 in America) asked:

Oh my God. This girl is like just great. I feel like I did when I took out a girl on my first date. I want to learn how to play the triple strum things she does. Wow! She is Gabriela and she plays with Rodrigo and they do these amazing Latin sounding things. They have this fantastic cover version of “Stairway to Heaven” that sounds Latin on acoustic guitars. They also play “Wish You Were Here” and other popular Rock and Roll songs with a Latin flavor. What do you think of this female guitarist? Check out the link.
this is another one. These guys are very traditional.

Hahahaha! OMG, that’s the pick up line one. Different lessons entirely. Okay here is Rodrigo and Gabriela covering Stairway to Heaven.

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