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Ever try playing lead guitar/bass parts alonga da radio/TV/CDs/DVDs etc? Do these details encourage you 2 try?

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yabbadabba3 asked:

DO try playing lead/bass parts alonga da radio/TV, etc, OK?

Easy enough to slide up strings & find da key

Bouncing round 2/3 notes often enough

& mini runs on scales between lines

What d’ya think?

Tried it yet?

Just time to say DO search for guitar lessons

Inc guitar FX lessons
Nice one, Insomnia!

& Eric began doing that while very much still a novice – as we all do, yes?

Don’t give up: try again, Erin!

If U R in ya room & play quieter than da TV/CD etc, no-one else can hear ya, so don’t be shy to try, try & try again, OK?

Practice makes perfect

A good tip for all guitarists/bassists is to play in front of a mirror, to save craning ya neck

Also, ya eyes are at da right angle for playing to da crowds onstage

& kinda like riding a bike, ya suddenly realise ya can find da right notes without watching ya fingers

OOPS: must go get my bath to be ready to enjoy that sunshine that just vanished but WILL return

Great allegory to get past da mistakes we all make, eh?
Yo Rein

Before I go, did ya ever hear @ da cocky interviewerm who asked the inventor of the lightbulb, “ invented it on ya 500th try .. how did it feel to fail @ 500 times?”

Da great guy said, “Young man, I never failed in my life: those 1st 500 tries taught me how NOT to do it >>>>>>>>>

& that’s a vital lesson for all of us, whatever we wanna do in life!”
Yo Chris!

I’m sure many of us drum along on da table etc

Kepp dat bass up, Shadow!

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