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guitar and piano video lessons?

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Sgt.Pepper asked:

Hello. I’m going to start putting songs on YouTube. Video lessons will also be available to go along with these songs. These video lessons will be VERY in depth. I will be going through the entire song very thoroughly. I’m going to make it so that people who are beginners will be able to follow along. And other people who are more experienced can improvise and make it how they want it. Also with the video lesson, I will be including a tab of the song that I make myself. I wouldn’t send someone a tab off of the internet because most of them are wrong. This tab will follow the lesson hand-in-hand. Also, there are many lesson videos on YouTube, but many of them aren’t very good or they only cover a small part of the song. So I want to sell the lesson and tab for a total of $7. Do you think people will pay this? The songs are my own versions and are one of a kind. Would you spend $7 on it? If not, how much would you be willing to spend? And if you were in my position, how much would you sell it for? Thanks.

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