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Guitar lessons first?

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Stephen asked:

Alright, so my parents and I have decided on taking guitar lessons for me, and my dad thinks that I should take a lesson before getting a guitar. My cousin teaches guitar lessons, and I’m pretty sure she only has one guitar (acoustic). I don’t find too much difference in electric and acoustic (other than the obvious), and I want to start with electric, because I only have a little money, and not enough for both. I think I should get a guitar and take like a beginner’s course online (free on like YouTube), and then go with a first lesson with my cousin, then if I like it, teach myself how to play with online aids. Like I said, my dad wants me to take a lesson first, but I don’t see how I can take a lesson without a guitar of my own. Help!
Thanks in advance!
I’m not looking for a KIND of guitar – just shouldn’t I be taking lessons after I get one?

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