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Guitar virtuoso. how to do it?

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Rich asked:

So i am 14, and have owned a guitar since i was 10. I have played it seriously (every day) since this time last year and am playing a lot of lead guitar.
I use a metronome every day, and i also ear-train alot by working out my favourite songs for myself.
Well where do i go from here? I watch loads of Gilbert, Satriani, Petrucci, Marty Friedman and stuff like that… guitar lessons online.
Any more real helpful guitar lessons on youtube (don’t say shred academy. None of the teachers have any melody to their shred).

Also am i doing the right thing? i sometimes solo over sogs, but only fast-paced blues soloing like if i play over Whitesnake or stuff.

and is there a way to learn more theory (i know not every guitar player with a good success knows theory, but Eddie Van Halen, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Satch and more all know it) without boggling my mind? I love pentatonic soloing and the blues scale and i do think i can make a career as a shredder without knowing every other scale there is.

Advice please?
an yes i already sit byt he TV and work out the advertising jingles. so no1 suggest that.

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