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Should I take guitar lessons?

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I’ve played for 2 1/2 years now, and lately I feel like I’m not getting as far as I want to at all. I really considered taking lessons, but I kind of fear that the tutor will drown me with super-easy things or just doesn’t understand my style (lots of acoustic-lovers up here). Some stats,
-I don’t know music theory, but I’m taking it my junior year
-I don’t know many scales (I know, I fail right? I just don’t know which I’m playing)
-I barely know chords
-Don’t know how to sweep, I suck at tapping
-In short, my preferred style is like
-For my band, I’m lead guitarist so I guess melodic things help more

Kind of a minor thing but I wanted to learn that above video and play it before I graduate high school ;( My main issue for that is sweeping though.
Oh, in short I just wanted to ask how effective lessons are..

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