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What should I do in order to get lessons for guitar or any instrument again?

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Steven asked:

Last year, my mom got me lessons for my birthday. He didn’t teach me much, and help me with song writing and gave me ideas of what I can do, because because the whole reason I started playing guitar was to make my own songs. We would learn songs but only like the beginning, the songs were “to hard” or “to boring” or he just didn’t know the rest, and he said we will get back to it, and he didn’t. I remember asking him to teach me a song, he said he will learn it, and 10 months later he didn’t teach me anything. I think I never noticed this because I looked forward to going because he was close to my age so I wanted to be friends…I just never noticed how bad he was so I never thought, he sucked..I never told my mom this though, mainly because I wanted to continue getting lessons. My mom always bugged me to have him teach me a song from beginning to end, I never did, and it was embarrassing when I couldn’t, and that’s when she said I will no longer be getting lessons. He has taught me a song from beginning to end, but its very short and repetitive. Which is what I have already showed my mom. My mom wanted me to play a song, then something I made so she could “see where her money is going”(which I would of rather of showed because that’s why I went to see him, he gave me ideas…actually just right now, most of the things he taught me we’re the same patterns, just different frets or chords…) Seeing that I couldn’t do anything, my lessons ended…I don’t want to blame him completely, I should of taught myself songs, but I remember ones I showed him a song so I can give him something to teach me…he did, but than he’s like “this is boring, want to try something else” than he looked for something else, thought it was boring, and looked for something “similar” from another band. It wasn’t till I stopped taking lessons that I realized how bad he was, and that if I wanted to make my own songs, I should learn songs from other bands, especially ones I like, instead of improvising and improvising ideas and chords and scales, and only learn songs or parts my teacher is interested in. I think now, especially if I do tell my mom this, she would not give me lessons ever again and does not trust me. A kid in my school is offering guitar lessons, who’s really good, and offering it for 10$ cheaper than the amount my regular lessons, and not only do we have a similar taste in music, but I would of payed for the first few lessons, and bet he would have teached me good songs I like from beginning to end. My mom was just like “No, why don’t you just look up tutorials on youtube, or look at the link and subscribe to a guy who gives video lessons.” I would much rather prefer the kid in my school, especially because than he can see what he is doing. Also he is a good teacher, he is in my AP Music Theory class and he helps me out if I don’t get something. I don’t think my mom will ever let me get private lessons again, for example, for school I joined chamber, I asked if I can get private lessons for Chamber because it will be difficult for me if I didn’t since we meet once a week and that my teacher doesn’t give in-school chamber lessons, only in-school orchestra lessons. Just in case their is confusion if anyone reading this doesn’t know, chamber is an after school orchestra, where you would have to perform a solo and be very good, orchestra is a during school thing anyone can get into. I didn’t make it into chamber with my solo first, but than I made it in my re-audition, and I played a orchestra piece as my solo, it helped because she gave lessons on that song, and also we played that mostly every school day. So to get back on topic, after getting into chamber, I asked my dad for private lessons, and my dad said yes and asked my mom if she could pay for half of it (they are divorced) my mom said no and that my dad can pay for it all. So I don’t think my mom will let me get private lessons at all…I also don’t want to ask my dad for private lessons on guitar with the kid in my school because he would have me play something right away, but he doesn’t realize I need time to learn something I think, and my mom does…

So what should I do, in order to get lessons again?

I want to try to sneak it, and I would pay for it. See him once or twice a month since I’m paying for it, but it’s only 30min lessons, so if I said “I am hanging out with a friend” instead of them actually knowing I’m getting lessons, they wouldn’t let me go anyways since it’s 30mins. Unless, I became friends with him, so after he teaches me, we could just hangout and do whatever…

Help please….and sorry if I typed a lot, but if you actually took the time to read all this, I really appreciate it and thank you guys so much.

One more thing, my birthday is coming up Decemb
Oh yeah, the reason I want lessons so bad, is because I’m a Junior, and I really want to be a musician, and I’m going to start to apply to colleges for music, mainly Berklee College of music. Music is an extremely hard thing to get into, and I think after lessons, my mom lost faith in the music thing for me, seeing as I was being ignorant, but I’m more than ready to do what ever it takes, and put in what ever time and/or money it will take to get it.

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