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Where Can I Find Good Online Guitar Lessons?

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That Guy asked:

Okay I’ve been teaching myself how to play guitar and bass for a little over half a year. There aren’t any teachers anywhere near where I live. The closest would be probably over an hour away. And paying for lessons and gas would just be too much. I need to find a good course online to learn the correct way. I would like something that you get workbooks, videos, dvd/cd/downloadable lessons. Something thats more than just youtube style learning in other words not just watching a video, but I actually have a book to work with. I’ve looked around found one Guitar College, but I’m not too sure about it. If someone could please recommend some other websites that would be fantastic. To sum it up I would like videos with a teacher and also a workbook of some sort to play along with, a visual. I’m not good with just buying a “how to play guitar” books either I get more off of youtube than those books. Sorry for the long explanation… :/ Thanks for any suggestions! 😀

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