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Breathe – Taylor Swift ft. Colbie Caillat (guitar tutorial)

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sarahelainex asked:

Alright, this will be the first of my guitar tutorials. And if this goes fine and is pretty well received I’ll make sure to keep them coming! Yes, I’m quite aware that I’m not the best singer *snorts* But if you check out my OTHER channel: halfwaytocliche, you can see myself and my friend Alana who just so happens to BE a good singer. SONG LAYOUT I USED: Capo 6th fret CHORDS USED: G = 3200(3)3 Dsus4 = xx0233 D5 = xx0235 Cadd9 = x320(3)3 C = x32010 Em7 = 0220(3)3 Em = 022000 ( ) = optional (the way I learned it)

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