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Cupid 112 Guitar Tutorial w/ Tabs

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daiyel asked:

Basic Chord progression: C9 – DMaj – em7 – D/F# – G (tabs for chords are below) My tutorial on how to play “Cupid” by 112 on guitar. Check out my singing group performing the song. (in my favorites) Also, im new to tutorials, so please let me know how I can make them better. Note: The original version of cupid is in C#. I played it in C because Im new to guitar (although I do know a little about music theory) Also, I gave simple names for each chord to make things I said the first chord was C when really it was C9..if you have any detailed questions feel free to msg me. _________________________________ TABS: C9 -3- -3- -0- -2- -3- -0- __________________ DMaj -2- -3- -2- -0- — — __________________ em7 -3- -3- -0- — — -0- __________________ D/F# – (for this chord I barred the entire 2nd fret and put my ring finger on the 3rd fret, second string. Then I picked/grabbed the E6, G3, B2, and E1 strings. -2- -3- -2- -2- (don’t pick this string, even though it’s barred) -2- (don’t pick this string, even though it’s barred) -2- __________________ G -3- -3- -0- -0- -2- -3-

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