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Guitar Tutorial-“Catch Me” by Demi Lovato! (Part 1)

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TaraSingsMusic asked:

I couldn’t upload this vid because it was too long so I had to make 2 parts… so this is part 1 😀 I hope it helps! sorry if you don’t like my version…i just figured it out yesterday. The boring ending describes everything(in part 2)…so…tell me if you guys want me to make a piano tutorial for this song too 🙂 Follow me on my first and new twitter: dream_2_believe SO, thanks SO much for watching and for getting me SO close to 1000 subscribers!!! AHH!!! I am so happy!!! You guys are awesome! thank you SOOO much! 😀 Checkout for a cover of this song soon and a lot of original songs 😀 Hope you all are doing great! it was recently michael j’s one month anniversary of his death 🙁 RIP his music was amazing! peace and love. ~Tara~ “See this heart won’t settle down, like a child running scared from a clown.”

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