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GUITAR TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNERS-1-Part 1 of 2 Tougher than the rest-Bruce Springsteen Gavin McMahon

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Gaviathan asked:

*NEW-QUICK ACCESS MENU*This is a 2 part tutorial for anyone who’s just got a guitar and wants to know what to do next.It may be helpful to pause the vid on the fingering tutorials for each chord and full screen mode is recommended.Good luck,and never give up. Quick Access menu 00:00-Intro,Finger numbers 00:24-Fret numbers 00:40-String numbers 01:00-How many chords etc 01:22-G chord fingering 02:26-D chord explanation 02:59-D chord fingering 03:53-C chord explanation 04:15-C chord fingering 05:23-Em chord explanation 06:01-Em chord fingering 06:50-Strumming explanation 07:58-Strumming demonstration 08:36-Link to part 2 Chords and lyrics (G)It’s Saturday night,You’re all dressed up in (D)blue, I’ve been watchin you a (C)while,maybe you been (G) watchin me (D)too, So somebody ran (G)out,Left somebody’s heart in a (D)mess, Well if you’re lookin for(C) love,honey I’m(G)tougher(D)than the (G) rest, Some girls they want a handsome Dan,or some good lookin (D) Joe, On their arms some(C) girls want some sweet talkin (G)Romeo(D) Well round here (G)baby,I’ve learned you get what you can (D) get, Well if you’re rough enough for(C)love,honey I’m(G)tougher(D)than the(G)rest, You’re road is (Em) dark,(C)it’s a thin thin (G)line, But I want you to(C)know I’ll walk it for you (D)any(G)time, Maybe your other(Em)boyfriends,(C)couldn’t pass the(G)test, Well if you’re rough enough for (C) love honey I’m(G)tougher (D)than the (G)rest, Well it aint no secret,I’ve been around a time or(D)two

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