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Hindi Song– “Pukarta Chala”, guitar tutorial and song

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cantplaygtar asked:

Here is a tutorial on how to play guitar accompaniment on this famous song. If you are interested in the song only, please skip to 7:15. Please pardon any mistakes. Here are the intro solo notes: F#-F#-F# BB EE F#-F# EC# EE GG BB DD C#-C# AC# BB GA F# Here are the chords for the main song: Bm—————–Bm Pukarta chala hoon main A ——————-Bm Gali Gali Bahar ki ————-D————A Bas ek Chaawn zulf ki ————-Bm————D Bas ek nigah pyar ki —-F#——–Bm Pukarta chala hoon main Bm Yeh dil lagi yeh shokhiyan salam ki Bm————————————A Yehi to baat ho rahi hai kaam ki A Koi to mrke dekh lega ish tarah A ————–F#————— Bm Koi nazar to hogi mere naam ki

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