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How to Play David Archuleta Crush Acoustic Guitar Tutorial

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livelovemusicvideos asked:

A big thanks to everyone who has patiently been awaiting this lesson video! livelovemusic presents David Archuleta’s Crush, Guitar Tutorial! Please rate, comment, subscribe and share with your friends! Please stay tuned as we have many more videos coming, and we’d love to hear your feedback, and any suggestions, tips, wants, on how we can make our videos better. So drop us a line by commenting, sending a message, or emailing us at ———Lesson Notes———— This tutorial was played in E standard EADGBE in the Key of A minor. If you’d like to play along with the original recording (which is in the key of C minor), simply capo the 3rd fret, and you’ll will now be able to play along with David! And for those who would like to play along with our version, simply capo on the first fret. For the advanced players who would just like the chords, here is a list of the chords used, broken down by sections(if you’d like the strumming pattern, it can be viewed at 1:25-1:43 of this tutorial.) Verse : Amin7, Emin, FMaj7sus2 (or F) (Chord Diagrams for Amin7, Emin,FMaj7sus2, and F can be found at 0:59-1:23 of this tutorial) Chorus : FMaj7sus2(or F), C, Amin7, G (Chord Diagrams for C and G can be found at 3:40-3:51 of this tutorial.) Bridge : FMaj7sus2(or F), Amin7, G ————————————- David Archulta – Crush david archuleta – crush Archie – Crush David Archuleta Crush Acoustic Guitar David archuleta guitar tutorial

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