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Your Guardian Angel Guitar Tutorial

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MusicalishNotes asked:

Edit 3: I’m pretty much getting the same comments over and over, so I decided to disable comments for the sake of saving myself time in checking messages. If you have a question just message me or something. Edit 2: OKAY. ONCE AGAIN. I /KNOW/ IT’S IN DROP C. NO NEED TO TELL ME OVER AND OVER AGAIN. THIS VERSION IS IN STANDARD, THEREFORE NOT THE ORIGINAL PLAYING OF IT. THIS IS JUST A WAY TO PLAY FOR THOSE WHO DON’T WANT TO SPEND THEIR TIME RE-TUNING THEIR GUITAR. Edit: Okay…honestly….I’m getting tired of reading ppl’s comments saying “it’s in drop c” blah blah blah. Well THIS version is STANDARD. If you can’t deal with that, don’t even watch the tutorial let alone comment….This is basically a tutorial for those of you who want to play a simpler version or don’t know how/are too lazy to tune it to drop c….like me….haha. I’mma teach you to play Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus on da acoustic gee-tar! Le gasp! 😮 Sorry for my mistakes, and sorry for not being born to be a teacher. XDD Jkjkjkjk!! My first tutorial XP I hope at least one person is able to learn from this….XD The tempo I go at is kinda fast I think XPP I’m not sure. oo I was kinda going at my own pace…..sorry if I was too fast. DX Here’s the tabs/chords I used: Check out my violin/guitar duet with DarkDragonAsassin to see and hear me play the whole song. The original cover I did that is on my account is inaccurate. Comment or PM meh if you have any questions

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